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Sherman ISD Reverses Controversial Gender Rule After Backlash, Adjusts Musical Production

Sherman Independent School District (ISD) has reversed its recent decision to enforce a new gender-related rule within its theater program. The rule, which was implemented last week, restricted students to only playing roles corresponding to their assigned gender at birth. This policy resulted in the removal of Max Hightower, a transgender male, and approximately 20 other students from their roles in the upcoming school musical, 'Oklahoma!'

In response to the controversy, the school district issued a statement on Friday, providing an update on the situation. The statement acknowledged the impact on students like Max Hightower and revealed that the 'Oklahoma!' production scheduled for December 8, 2023, would proceed with alterations. However, the district decided to postpone a different play intended for an older audience.

The revised statement explained that Sherman ISD would now adopt a different version of the musical that is better suited for the high school stage.

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