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Greenville ISD Bond Propositions Fail, District Adapts to Address Student Needs

In the aftermath of the November 7th bond election, the Greenville Independent School District (GISD) faced a setback as none of the propositions put forth by the Board of Trustees received voter approval. Despite this disappointment, the school district expressed gratitude for the support shown by those who cast 'yes' votes in favor of the propositions.

The results of the bond election were as follows: Proposition A received 2,426 votes, Proposition B garnered 2,340 votes, and Proposition C received 2,269 votes. While the outcome was not what the school district had hoped for, the commitment to providing the best possible learning environment for students and staff remains unwavering.

In accordance with the voters' decision, GISD will move forward with its existing resources and facilities. To address the growing needs of the district, several measures will be taken:

  1. Incoming Kindergarten students will continue to attend the elementary campus closest to their home address.
  2. Capacity assessments will be conducted at each elementary campus to determine the necessity of adding portable classrooms.
  3. Classrooms currently occupied by adults without enrolled students will be converted into instructional spaces.
  4. In the event of a delay in obtaining portable classrooms, maximum class sizes will be adjusted to 28 students for fifth through twelfth grades.

The district also announced four significant facility relocations in the coming years:

  1. L.P. Waters will move to the building on Jack Finney Blvd. (currently New Horizons High School), requiring the addition of nine two-classroom portable buildings.
  2. New Horizons High School will relocate to the building on Moulton St. (currently the Wesley Martin Administration building).
  3. Administrative offices will move to the building on Lee St. (formerly L.P. Waters).
  4. Additional portables will be purchased for Greenville Middle School, facilitating the transition to a sixth through eighth-grade campus.

Travis Intermediate will be transitioned back to an elementary school serving K-5 students, prompting a reevaluation of home addresses for redistricting of elementary campuses.

These changes come with an estimated cost ranging between $180,000 and $200,000 per portable building, resulting in a total expenditure likely exceeding $4 million. The district plans to fund these expenses from its fund balance or through an additional Maintenance Tax Note.

GISD remains committed to prioritizing the needs of its students, and the community's support is greatly valued. The school district expressed its appreciation for all those who advocated for the bond proposal and dedicated their time and efforts to improving the future of GISD students and the community. The collective effort and involvement of various groups, including the Community Advisory Committee, architects, financial advisors, the Board of Trustees, parents, employees, the Political Action Committee (PAC), civic and community groups, and all voters, exemplify the shared commitment to the betterment of GISD.

"Even under difficult circumstances, we will continue to move Forward Together!", said GISD Superintendent Sharon Boothe in a statement.

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