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Texas DPS Employees Receive Director's Citation for Heroic Response in Arrest Incident

On October 26, 2023, the Texas Public Safety Commission (PSC) bestowed a Director's Citation upon five dedicated employees of the Driver License Division – Dallas South and Driver License Division – Rockwall. John Burris, Tierra Caradine, Steven Hill, John Lockhart, and Frank Pritchett were recognized for their quick thinking and heroic response in a life-threatening situation.

The incident occurred on May 9, 2023, when License and Permit Specialist Shireda Lewis was processing a customer's identification renewal. During this routine transaction, external checks revealed that the customer had an active warrant for assault with a deadly weapon.

Without hesitation, the team alerted Texas Highway Patrol Trooper Stephen Lister about the warrant, and he moved to apprehend the individual. However, as Trooper Lister attempted to make the arrest, the subject resisted and attempted to flee. In the ensuing struggle, both Trooper Lister and the subject fell to the floor, resulting in Trooper Lister sustaining a broken kneecap, rendering him unable to continue the pursuit.

It was at this critical moment that the true heroics of the Driver License Division employees came to light. Frank Pritchett, Tierra Caradine, John Lockhart, John Burris, and Steven Hill immediately rushed to Trooper Lister's aid and played a crucial role in assisting him in detaining the subject. Their decisive actions prevented the individual from escaping.

Despite the initial detainment, the subject continued to make desperate attempts to flee before the arrival of other law enforcement officers who were able to take the subject into custody.

In recognition of their selfless and quick response, the five employees were awarded a Director's Citation.

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