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Sulphur Springs City Manager Updates Council on Progress and Projects Across the City

Sulphur Springs City Manager Marc Maxwell delivered a report to the City Council, covering various aspects of ongoing projects and city operations.

Workers' Compensation and Liability Claims: Maxwell reported that there were no workers' compensation claims in November. However, two liability claims were filed during the month. One claim involved flooding caused by a ruptured water line, and the other was related to a car window broken by debris from a lawn mower. Additionally, a minor fleet accident occurred, with a police cruiser damaging its driver's door by striking a pole on Main Street.

Senior Citizens Center: Construction of the Senior Citizens Center is progressing, with vertical construction ongoing, and exterior sheeting now in place.

College Street and League Street: Utility work on College Street has been completed, and Capital Construction crews have shifted their focus to League Street. Concrete pouring has reached past Carter Rookson, and work on curbs, gutters, and sidewalks is underway. The entire project is expected to conclude by June.

Pacific Park: The Pacific Park project is nearing completion, with irrigation installation finished, rye grass seed sowed in the park's center for winter, and Tif Bermuda sod being laid around facilities. The project is anticipated to be finished by the end of the month, excluding the small pavilion, which will be addressed next year.

Water Filter Rehabilitation: The $3.2 million water filter rehabilitation project is ongoing, with a focus on Filter No. 4, the most problematic filter. Progress has been positive, and the quality of work is commended.

League Street Drainage Improvements: A $265,000 drainage project at the KCS railroad, authorized on August 15, has commenced and is expected to last 4-6 weeks. The completion of this project aims to resolve flooding issues at Main & League.

Street Improvement Plan (SIP) for 2023: The Street Improvement Plan for 2023 includes repaving several streets, with Woodcrest and Rockdale on hold for utility reasons. Lemon, Putman, and Spence are set to start next week.

Revenues and Expenditures: Finance Director Lesa Smith will present the usual report on revenues and expenditures during the upcoming session.

Citywide Repairs and Maintenance: City employees have been busy with various repairs and maintenance tasks around the city, including the repair of Christmas light systems downtown, resetting school zone lights, and addressing issues at wastewater treatment plants and lift stations. Additionally, city services have responded to animal control calls, made arrests, and attended to fire and rescue calls.

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