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Ryelee Victoria Burris


Ryelee Victoria Burris

Ryelee Victoria Burris came into the world on January 4, 2006, bossing everybody around establishing dominance in the labor and delivery room as she was well aware that it was the 4th quarter of the UT National Championship game and that event was not about to steal her thunder.  It would be just a couple of years later that Rye’s love for the game of football and that cheerleader spirit would emerge and she was on the field with all eyes on her.  Paired with her daddy’s tender heart and her mother’s fierce drive, Ryelee was a force to be reckoned with.  She did not let her disease define who she was or what she could do.  She took on the world anyway.  Ryelee’s wit and sense of humor was well beyond her years.  She was quick, had perfect timing and could be counted on for entertainment.  She loved an audience, could work a room and could plot a scheme to get what she wanted.  She never took no for an answer.  She could rope you in and she knew it!  She loved it.  It was her superpower.  She loved with her whole heart, never met a stranger and was always rooting for the underdog.  You can look around today and see the impact that she had on so many.  The world is a better place because of her.  Ryelee is survived by her parents Kenneth and Mindy Burris.  Her brother Landry Burris and Rayden Mott.  Grandparents, David and Lisa Burris and Linda Mott.  Great Grandmother, Janis Fox “Big Mama” and numerous aunts, uncles, cousins and other extended family and friends.

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