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Rabid Skunk Detected in North East Paris Prompts Alert for Residents and Pet Owners

On Thursday, September 7, 2023, at 3:42 pm, Paris Animal Control Officers responded to reports of a skunk exhibiting unusual behavior in the vicinity of the 1100 block of Cope and the 4400 block of Pine Mill in North East Paris. Following a capture operation, tests confirmed that the skunk was carrying the Rabies virus.

In light of this discovery, the Paris Police Department is urging residents residing in this area to exercise caution and promptly report any instances of stray dogs, cats, or wild animals displaying abnormal behavior. Additionally, pet owners within this locality are strongly advised to take precautions to safeguard their pets from potential encounters with wildlife, particularly raccoons and skunks.

Should you suspect that your pet may have come into contact with a wild animal, it is imperative to contact your veterinarian without delay. It is worth noting that a significant proportion of human rabies cases stem from bites inflicted by infected dogs, many of which initially contracted the virus from encounters with wild animals.

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