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Wood County Sheriff’s Office Incidents September 6 - 12

September 6

  • Corporal Baldwin responded to a burglary on County Road 2700. The property owner reported missing windows and stolen tools. The case will be forwarded to investigations.
  • Sgt Cox and Deputy Kovic responded to a disturbance on County Road 1987. A caller reported an argument between a male and female. Deputies found a vehicle blocking the road but didn't locate the subjects.
  • Deputy Comeaux was dispatched to a disturbance at Jarvis. Security had taken statements, but conflicting stories and a fleeing individual led to an incident report.

September 7

  • Sgt Cox performed a welfare check on County Road 1946. Attempts to contact the residents were denied, and a vehicle left with a large suitcase, as per neighbors.
  • Deputy Kovic took a terroristic threat report over the phone. A female was allegedly making threats. An offense report will be filed.
  • Sgt Mayer conducted an animal welfare check, finding horses with food and water but in poor condition. A follow-up will be done.
  • Corporal Burdick arrested Jason Flowers, a passenger in a suspicious vehicle on Hwy 154, who had an active warrant.
  • Sgt Mayer and Deputy Kovic arrested Roland Temple in Holiday Village for an active warrant.

September 8

  • Corporal Croney took a theft report by phone. A test drive led to a vehicle being reported as stolen.
  • Corporal Croney took a theft of service report for a cabin rental without payment.
  • Deputy Pollard responded to a theft on Hwy 154 involving a stolen four-wheeler. The vehicle was later recovered and returned to its owner.

September 9

  • Deputy Way responded to an assault in Holly Lake Ranch. It was determined the caller assaulted his mother, and the friend intervened. No charges were pressed.
  • Deputies responded to a shots fired call off FM 779, finding an individual with a gunshot wound. CID was notified.
  • Deputies responded to a disturbance on Private Road 8697, but the victim had fled the scene.

September 10

  • Deputy Way and Deputy Pollard responded to a 911 hang-up in Holly Lake Ranch, where a son had restrained his mother and struck her with a clothes hanger. The son was detained.
  • Corporal Croney took an assault report in Hawkins, involving dorm room assaults with no suspect information provided.
  • Sgt Williams and Deputy Rich responded to a stolen vehicle on Hwy 154 but learned the vehicle had been returned to its owner.

September 11

  • Deputy Skinner responded to a disturbance on Hwy 69 but determined no offense occurred. Justin Pritchett was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia.
  • Corporal Burdick and Deputy Haley responded to a violation of court orders on FM 1799, where the suspect fled before their arrival.
  • Corporal Burdick and Deputy Haley were dispatched to a suspicious circumstance on County Road 3269, involving barking dogs and an unspent round found on a porch. No suspect was located.

September 12

  • Deputy Skinner responded to an abandoned vehicle on FM 49, which was towed after being left there for multiple days.
  • Deputy Kovic performed an agency assist for Mineola PD, transporting someone arrested for theft.
  • Sgt Cox and Deputy Skinner responded to a disturbance on County Road 2375, involving an argument between a mother and daughter. No offense occurred, and the parties were separated.

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