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TXTA Foundation Announces Trade and Technical Scholarship Recipients

Trucking Association (TXTA) Foundation is pleased to announce approximately $11,400 in scholarships have recently been awarded to three students pursuing trade or technical careers in the trucking industry. Since the Foundation began awarding trade and technical scholarships in 2021, it has funded approximately $40,000 to nine students seeking this type of profession within the trucking industry.

“Being able to award hard working students with scholarship funds to pursue trade and technical work is an important part of our mission,” said TXTA Foundation Chairman Brandon Woods. “The Foundation knows just how valuable these professions are in helping us to keep this country moving forward now and in the future.”

The most recent 2023 Trade and Technical Scholarship recipients are:

Manny Hernandez
CDL Candidate
EP Texas Trucking School

Luz Del Alba Acosta Mercedes
CDL Candidate
EP Texas Trucking School

Carson Shepley
CDL Candidate
Odessa College

The Foundation has approved more than $2.3 million in academic and trade and technical scholarships since the scholarship program was founded in 1991. Trade and technical scholarships are available year-round.

About TXTA Foundation

The Foundation is a non-profit educational, public relations, research and community service organization governed by a Board of Trustees. The mission of this all-volunteer organization is to work with TXTA member companies to fund educational and community service programs to enhance the understanding of and image of the Texas trucking industry, with the goal of positioning trucking as the most vital and necessary industry in Texas. 

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